Animal Answers is an informative, comprehensive guide containing articcles centered around animals.

The Mammal Society fact sheet The Badger Meles meles

Brockwatch one of the best badger sites around covering all aspects of world badgers.

The Wildlife Trusts working for wildlife

BBC Wild facts a collection of pages from the beeb

Rspca The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

English Nature is the statutory service responsible for looking after England's variety of wild plants and animals - the country's biodiversity - and its natural features.

Defra Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Animals Contact Directory The directory provides a coordinated means for groups to contact one another with details of their work, news of campaigns & requests for support and information. Concerned individuals will find it an essential guide to every aspect of animal rights and welfare.

Badger Groups
NFBG National Federation of Badger Groups The aims of the NFBG are to promote the protection, conservation and welfare of badgers in the United Kingdom.

Binfield Badger Group exists for three main purposes: We promote badger conservation and welfare, We are a resource for dealing with any badger-related matters within the Berkshire area, We are a membership organization for people interested in knowing more about badgers and wildlife and who want to get involved in conservation activities.

South Yorkshire Badger Group The South Yorkshire Badger Group is a Charitable Organization& relies on donations to continue the work of protecting the Badger.

North Northants Badger Group We are a group of people who care deeply about the welfare of badgers.

Links To other Badger sites

Badgerland The Definitive Guide to Badgers in the United Kingdom

PLYMOUTH BADGER ACTION GROUP take direct action against MAFF’s badger slaughter program, we will ‘monitor’ the killing areas and individuals will take action to save badgers’ lives.

Other Sites of interest.

WildlifeUK A fantastic website showing hundreds of top quailty photgraphs by a couple of great friends of mind Gary D'Aquitaine and Jim Baldwin, they cover much of our british wildlife, including Badgers, Fox, Red Squirrel, particular interest in Birds of prey including many shots of Red Kites.

"At our hotel you can sit in the bar and the badgers come to the window"

Old Park Hotel is firmly established as one of the leading hotels for families, offering every facility for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday in a friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to provide a hotel for adults but at the same time offering special provision for children. This fine Gothic Victorian manor house is situated on the southern coastal path in a quiet secluded location within 16 acres of woods and garden, streams and waterfalls extending to the part sandy Binnel Bay.

www.kilravockcastle.comWildlife is abundant here with a great variety of birds. We have badgers of course and many red squirrels dart about and red deer live in the woodland on the site.

We have had many people conduct a badger watch here, private individuals really and they tend to go into the woodlands close to the castle at night to spot them.  I have seen one badger in my garden during the day trotting about - very unusual but I have seen one before in the daytime. We have many badgers here.