The Badger is for the most part a nocturnal animal, although it can often be observed in the afternoon especially in late summer, it`s also a social animal living in groups of between 6-20.
How best to describe the badger, you could say the badger is bear like in appearance (although no relation) it has a stocky body, short powerful legs,long claws and a tail that is stumpy only about 100mm long, to me it resembles a microphone windshield and an angular head which looks small compared to the rest of the body.

Colorings are at first sight gray on the body, legs are normally darker even black,the tail is a lighter gray and of course the striking black and white head. The gray of the body hairs is in fact banded alternate black and white. I can see why the body colour is mottled gray because as dusk falls these animals blend perfectly into the background, But why the striking head? a warning perhaps if somebody really knows or has a better idea then please tell me as I`ve not found any real explanation anywhere.

  The average size of the UK badger is just short of a metre in length and surprisingly heavy, ranging between 9-14 kgs. The Boar being broader and heavier then the sow. If seen together the differences in size and shape become very clear.
Feeding Habits of the badger vary according to the time of year and available food supply, They are omnivorous by nature and eat a wide variety of plant and animal food, the latter forming the major part of their diet. They eat earth worms in great numbers when available and large numbers of beetles, grubs but will also eat rodents they come across most small animals including leverets, hedgehogs etc. Interesting those badgers that do eat hedgehogs have learned to unroll them and leave just the spiny skin turned inside out. Many plants berries nuts when available in fact almost anything edible.