I was born in the year of the Monkey (ok to save a little web searching 1956) I'm afraid that`s not a typo <G> I'm told by others that I'm a typical Aries as my birthday is March 22 that would explain it. My adopted home town is Farnborough Hampshire UK.

Hobbies include, Computers (for many years I ran a BBS based on the Amiga called Echoes BBS) Photography both stills (35mm) and Video Hi8, Beta Cam all using Sony eqp. I also have enjoyed many Bungee Jumps, Mountain biking and love Animals of any kind. Badgers have fascinated me most, over other UK wildlife which as a consequence has inspired this site.
That`s not to say I don`t enjoy other wildlife I do and in fact have managed to film/watch many other species, such as Fox, Otter, Deer, wildcat, polecat, many birds, Red Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, etc.
  The picture on the left was taken by a friend of mine Paul Youd While I was waiting to take the shot above, Not one of my best but hey that log was not very comfortable <G>
  Caught on camera Watching for Badgers Who in turn Spotted me What A Surprise In fact just an opportune shot taken while setting up for a watch very early one evening
  All the above are just hobbies, in real life I`m a shop fitter that`s FITTER not lifter :) I've worked for the same company for many years installing display equipment glass shelving low voltage lighting etc. this means I travel a great deal mainly in the south of England and meet many people. The advantage of this in the pursuit of my hobbies is that I get to know places to see wildlife other then my local area. The disadvantage is that I spend a lot of the weekend traveling to remote woodlands. All good fun though.